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Established in 1963, the Georgia State Organization was formally incorporated in 1980. With its focus to galvanize the nearly fifty graduate and undergraduate chapters to the work of Omega, the organization has grown both numerically and fiscally. The more than 1000 financially active Brothers has long since established itself as the largest and most productive state organization within the 7th District (which includes Alabama, Florida and Mississippi). As a result, the work of this faithful and focused state organization has afforded it the unique opportunity to be the premier and driving force behind the district’s previous ongoing and continued success.

An organization can only be successful as those called to lead it. The very first GA State Representative, Brother Robert “Bob” Church(Lambda Phi) served from 1963-64 and appointed the very first slate GA State Reginal Representatives. The 2nd GA State Representative, Brother Arthur Owens(Eta Omega)facilitated the initial growth of the state organization by chartering 5 undergraduate and 1 graduate from 1964-75. He was followed by Brother Lester B. Johnson(Mu Phi)who faithfully served 1975-80 as our 3rd GA State Representative. Our 4thGA State Representative, Brother David L. Brown(Eta Omega)served from 1980-82 is most notable for co-writing the State Constitution and Bylaws and presided over the very first State Meeting.

Brother Samuel D. Jolley, Jr.(Lambda Phi) labored as our 5th GA State Representative from 1982-85 and was followed by 6th GA State Representative, Brother Alonza Bennett(Kappa Alpha Alpha)from 1985-87. Brother Bennett was the co-author of the state’s Constitution and Bylaws which was adopted in 1982. An esteemed slate of leaders followed including 7th GA State Representative Brother William “Buck” Crosby(Lambda Tau), 8thGA State Representative from 1987-90, Brother Joseph Gosha (Lambda Iota), 9th GA State Representative, Brother Elijah K. Hill(Omega Gamma Gamma)from 1992-95 and 10th GA State Representative Brother Robert H. Carter(Kappa Alpha Alpha)from 1995-98.

In subsequent years, other Brothers took up the mantle of leadership to guide the organization. The 11th GA State Representative, Brother Marion B. Williams(Chi Gamma Gamma) shepherded the organization from 1998-2001. He was followed by 12th GA State Representative Brother Ronald Taylor (Lambda Phi) from 2001-04, 13th GA State RepresentativeWilbur B. Carver(Eta Omicron) from 2004-07, and 14th GA State Representative Brother James Cistrunk(Kappa Alpha Alpha) from 2007-10. It is noteworthy that Brother Cistrunk held the 11th GA State Representativedistinct honor of being elected the 23rd 7th District Representative.Brother Cistrunk was followed in service by 15th GA State Representative, Brother Kenneth Demons(Lambda Lambda) from 2010-13.

More recently,Brother Craig Jackson(Lambda Phi), assumed the role of 16th GA State Representative from 2013-16 and Brother Marvin Broadwater, Sr.(Lambda Iota) who is the 17th and Immediate Past GA State Representative, concluding his three term of service in 2019. Brother Broadwater is remembered for establishing a modern website, establishing an annual leadership training for chapter officers and working to secure the GA State Omega Psi Phi license plate.

On Saturday, September 28, 2019, Brother Keith L. Reddings was elected to serve as the 18thGA State Representative.

It is important to remember that through its myriad of programs, hundreds of youth from throughout the State of Georgia have received financial assistance, competed in the annual state-wide talent hunt program, and have gone on to attend colleges or universities throughout the state and nation.

In 2001, the state organization established a nonprofit foundation to help Omega better serve the communities in the state by allowing individuals and corporations to make tax-deductible donations. This non-profit entity of the state organization acts as the funding arm for scholarship and educational endeavors. The foundation has positioned the State Organization and Omega for the 21st century to make an even greater impact in our communities.

The Georgia State Organization is an entity that recognizes the positive achievements of others, is involved in the community through blood, food and clothing drives, environmental and community clean-up activities, and tutorial programs. We mentor disadvantaged young males, we care for the elderly, we assist in providing housing for disadvantaged persons, and we provide scholarships to young people in need. The State Organization is comprised of dedicated men committed to helping the disenfranchised improvetheir quality of life by lifting the less fortunate and providing hope wherever and whenever we can. In Omega “We Continue to Lift as We Climb.”

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