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Charter Members

Michael Austin           
Torrance Barnum      
Dave Beasley
Randy Brown
Thermus Butler
Andre Crumbley
Schuyler Dennis

George Dumas
Cedric Franklin
Fred Green III
Thomas Hurley
Chris Jones
David Jones
Daryl Kimbrough

Donald Lee - W
Tranard McConnell - W
Roderick McGrady
Sebastian Moore
Kenneth Payne
Roy Richmond
Leroyal Statham

Keith Thompson
Tony Thompson -
Lamar White
Aurick Woods

Edwin Thurmond *

W - Omega Chapter  
* - Honorary Member

Mu Mu Mu History

It has been said that a journey of one thousand steps always begins with one step. It was both the ambitious and bold “steps” of men who themselves had already been “thoroughly immersed in the true Omega Spirit.” On February 1, 2005, Brother Torrance Barnum, envisioned a need for the presence of that very same true Omega Spirit to be made manifest in West Georgia. This fertile and ever-growing region known as Douglas County was at the time ripe for numeric growth, economic development, and community service. The region encompasses burgeoning cities including but not limited to; Douglasville, Lithia Springs, and Austell and extends itself to the Georgia/Alabama state line.


Recognizing the need for an Omega infusion in this emerging community, Brother Barnum made in-depth inquiries to the leadership of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated concerning the rigors and requirements related to establishing a Graduate chapter in the region. With the requested process in both heart and hand, Brother Barnum consulted his good friend, Brother Kenneth ‘Pacino’ Payne to gauge his interest in the pursuit of this ambitious endeavor. The two men immediately sought out other Fraternal Brothers who would join them in this important and ordained and important work.


Having assembled an array of Omega Men throughout the community equally as committed to this visionary task, a charitable and service organization was born. ‘Omega Men of Douglas County” (OMDC) was formed and immediately began the genuine and tedious work of mentoring and community service. OMDC mentoring initiatives for young boys were crafted at Stewart Middle School preparing them for successful lives beyond high school and adolescence. With community service as its focus, OMDC developed meaningful and lasting partnerships with the City of Douglasville, Douglas County, Douglasville YMCA, and S.H.A.R.E House, a shelter for abused women and children.


After nearly half a decade of unrelenting and committed service, the group’s initial goal was now on the horizon. On May 6, 2010, the esteemed 7th District Representative, Brother Keith Jackson notified Brother Michael Austin that the faithful group of Omega men’s chartering application had been approved by the Supreme Council of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. The newly formed chapter celebrated its inception on June 6, 2010, by hosting its ‘Chartering Ceremony and Dinner’ with “Extending the Hand of Friendship’ as its theme for the evening. This historic gathering proved to be both a solemn and festive affair as a sense of urgency to continue to offer humble community service filled the air.   


In 2010, Brother Austin would go on to preside as the charter Chapter Basileus for the new Mu Mu Mu Chapter. Under his leadership, administrative protocols were implemented and the chapter’s inaugural initiates, ‘The Four Elements of Creation’ came forth on November 27, 2011. Brother Dave Beasley would assume the Basileus gavel in 2012 with the important goal of providing academic scholarships to worthy college-bound students. In 2012, the second group of Mu3 initiates entered the fold. ‘The Eleven Menaces to Que-ciety’ were unveiled and poised for service on October 21, 2012.


Committed to ensuring an ongoing fraternal and chapter legacy Basileus Beasley led the effort to bring forth yet another collection of neophytes in 2013. ‘The Notorious Nine’ was introduced on October 16, 2013, having been duly equipped for the work of Omega. 2016 found more men called to the work of Omega. On June 15, 2016, ‘The Nine Wounded Warriors of the Greedy One’ joined the fold, readily embracing the Cardinal Principles and the requisite work ethic unique to the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, incorporated. Most recently, The 14 Untouchables by Abdullah entered the Omega fold on August 25, 2018, poised to serve with our noble Fraternity as the conduit.

Brother Torrance Barnum was elected the chapter’s 3rd Basileus in 2014 with the ambitious goal of making the Mu Mu Mu fiscally independent while at the same time expanding it’s already bulging calendar of service and mentoring programs. In 2016, Brother Tim Block was elevated to the office of Basileus and stepped with a grand array of initiatives involving financial independence and fortification of the chapter’s foundation, the ‘Stepping Stones Foundation’. Through Basileus Block’s efforts, the chapter continues to grow and fortify its identity as one of the premier chapters of Omega.


Brother Andra Brantley was elected the 5th Basileus of West Georgia’s Tri-Mu Chapter. Basileus Brantley with unwavering tenacity has pursued an agenda focused on improved chapter operations and expanded branding efforts. As a result of his leadership, Mu Mu Mu continues to visible and viable. Mu Mu Mu continues to lead by example as it facilitates the work of Omega Psi. With ‘A Chapter of Friends’ as its mantra, the Mu Mu Mu Chapter remains committed to its mission of community service in all quarters.

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